Full Grown Woman

by Juggernaught

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The third album by South Africa's Juggernaught.


released June 28, 2016



all rights reserved


Juggernaught Pretoria, South Africa

Juggernaught are a quintessential example of rare and exhilirating rock music.

Avoiding the limitations of being labelled as one specific musical sub-genre, the band sees themselves as a rock band with a huge range of influences from blues, jazz, funk and metal. ... more

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Track Name: Animal Farm
The man went over the mountain
now that he is free
but the other side of that mountain, man
was all that he could see

Well the more things change
the more they stay the same
the only thing that's changed my friend
is the colour of their skin

chorus: They take one for the struggle
two just for show
yeah, I know we're all equal
some are just a mile more

They've got pigs they've got goats
They've got mercs and boats
you can stack the ivory high
just don't forget to dig moats

So it's five more years
on this animal farm

Now they're gonna gag the press
Because you may not like the truth
They got a monkey draped in golden robes
poisoning the youth

You can dress a turd in diamonds
But it'll always smell like shit
it takes a bit of doing
but you learn to live on this animal...


Five more years of corruption
five more years of greed
five more years to make this country bleed

they'll take five more years and then they'll
take five more
Track Name: Carry On
Once again the smell of stale smoke fills the air
this van stinks, but no-one in here seems to care
yeah I know this life has been hard on the liver
and if I carry on, I'm gonna drown in that river

but i've got to deliver

I'ts been a long time comin
and I should have seen all the signs
instead I kept on running
LIKE A PIG OUT OF HELL ...and carried on

till the lights go down
and I am left alone without a sound
maybe some day I will leave an impression
tonight I'm just hoping to get a reaction

Every time we don't get paid
We'll carry on
Every time a Yoko comes along
We'll carry on
Everytime we get beat down, everytime we hit the ground, everytime we get pissed on etc....
Track Name: Kick Like A Mule
Go put your cash on a younger band
if you like to lose
I know the crow flies, while road winds
be we, well, we can drive pretty well

So don't you think for a minute that
we're past our use
yeah we, show rust and we bleed dust
but man, we still


Come give these old men some medicine
and a sack of booze
I don't really know what this means but
I think we've paid our dues

so we'll be damned if we bow to you
and you'll be damned if you don't
don't mind that these gears grind
Cause man, we still


We've played the devil's music
we've baked the Devil's rolls
but just like all the others
that devil can suck our ball
Track Name: Let Me In
Well I've made mistakes
I've done gone and strayed
but I will try my best to
find my way back home

yeah, I'll take the blame, and
hang my head in shame
because I cannot face another
night without you, woman

can you find it in your heart to let it be
can you take me out this misery
I'm a broken man down on my knees
oh won't you please just let me in

Come on let me in

You must have shit for brains
if you think I'm a change
because we
Both know I've been here before

And you let me in
And every damn time you swear:
"this is the last time"
But it never is
So here it is, again
Track Name: Waiting
I've gotta tell you something
That you probably ought to know

I'm gonna find you honey
Never ever let you go

Waiting! Waiting!
I've been waiting for so long I cannot wait no more
You left me waiting all this time how can I let you go

There's more than one way baby
that this thing is gonna go

I'm gonna take you with me
Nobody will ever know